Friday, February 20, 2009

Nineteen Demons

We were required to display our work in our college's recent art fair, so I decided to create a new work based on a required dimension and should be about yourself. So I came up with these, I was inspired by one of my favorite children's book illustrator, Arthur Rackham. Since around 2007, I wanted to emulate his style, as well as how he depicted his figures, which is quite graphic, and his amber atmosphere, my favorite color.

Fortunately, my work wasn't sold so I was able to give this to my very good friend, the squishy bunny.
This is the second time I displayed my work in our college. The first one was back in September 2007, wherein the piece I displayed was also inspired by Arthur Rackham, and is based on my second story about angels and the afterlife. That story was for another friend, to whom I also gave the said illustration.

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