Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Search for William Salter by the infanta Catherine of Arkhesus accompanied by Sir Maximus and Jeremy Clemens.

A little noble girl riding on her white horse through a dangerous woods, searching for her beloved friend William. She is accompanied by her mentor Sir Maximus and William's enemy Jeremy Clemens.

This is a work of mine from my first story for a great friend I met when I was in high school. It is for our college's Artfair held some time during August 2007. It was made with ink and acrylic executed on a 8.5 x 11 board. I was still trying to master acrylic during this time, as well as umber, amber, and moss green colors that I wanted to establish in my works for consistency in style.

I'm still revising this story until now, changing character names and altering the settings. Since I was not that done yet, I gave this work to this particular friend in quite a raw stage. The squishy bunny told me that she wanted to look at it so that she may give some comments to improve it.

The story has roughly eight books, each with have around twenty to thirty pages, executed in pen on my old notebooks. Each of the eight books represented my friend, the people around us when we were in high school, and myself; and almost every character there was inspired by a real person, although not all.

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