Friday, July 2, 2010

Felix et Cuniculus

And so after so many ages, Cuniculus finally retured to her Felis.

This is one of my latest, almost random, illustration a few weeks past for the return of the Bunny from Spain (as I told you before). They are Felis the cat (which is his name came from the Latin word Felis means cat) and Cuniculus (also a Latin word for rabbit) facing each other on a decorated medieval marginalia-inspired frame. Since during vacation I spend most of the time in my house, I produced some random illustrations, most are executed in watercolor, as part of my practice at the medium.

Here are some of the close ups and individual shots of the panel. I also tried to achieve careful handling of colors at the patches at their background with manual execution (without any mechanical aid like tape or ruler).

I chose my leather-like cover of my notebook as a background. But before I was thinking if I should place them on a small wooden frame. And make it a diptych.

Quite lucky I borrowed a DSLR to the bunny to shoot my works in a better quality of picture.
Incidentally I came across this unusual story of half rabbit, half cat (or should I say Cabbits). You can check them here.

Despite that I am working on my thesis this year, I feel the time is still quite slow. And since I am working with my thesis, I also encountered this wonderful site about making handcrafted books. You can check them here.

I am a bit busy right now so I would like to leave you for a while.


Stacey Smith said...

I really enjoy seeing your work. Thanks for posting it.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Those are so gorgeous! Very vivid and..well, honestly, I'm a tad jealous! The rabbit looked so fluid, like it was actually in motion. I loved the shading-very subtle, but lifelike. :)

Good luck with your thesis!

Anonymous said...

I SO love it jericho!Well done and be here when you'll be back.The best of everything :)

Rima said...

These are incredibly wonderful Jericho! And I join with you both in saying a big whoop for your happy rejoining :)))

Jericho said...

Thank you very much, Rima! We are so glad to hear it from you. And I hope you also like the Bunny's work she sent for you.