Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Raining June

Its June already. and as you know, in our country June is the beginning of the rainy season, where the bright blue sky and vivid white clouds is now covered with dark gray sky (or at literally clouds, but at time the clouds looks more of a sky). It is such a wonderful thing since during afternoon you can hear the dropping water into your roof while you are in your bed and about to sleep.

Rain has so many memories of mine. It reminds me yearly that school year is about to begin (where I always experienced wet socks inside my shoes during my grade school days). When I was younger me and my siblings used to bath at rain during mid-May. My mother said, which came from grandma, that the first rain in May is where grace is being showered from Paradise. But during that time, I only just enjoy of running in the streets while the rain pours from the sky rather than what mother told me.

Someone also told me that rain is a gift from God, that He throws coins of grace from the heavens. But when it became louder and wilder and stronger, it is no longer coins but babies being cast out from heaven. This are the unbaptized babies who are quite unfortunate enough to refuse to enter to paradise.

I don't sure who told me this story but it is such a sad story. But then, it is not a barrier to unlike rainy days.