Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father of the House

I have just painted my paternal grandfather Gonzalo wearing the crown of his house and the staff of his tower. Good thing that I still have time for a small illustration like this despite that I am working with my thesis and my other subjects.

I have a classmate named Sandra. She belongs to an old family of painters and artists. Her grandmother
Araceli Dans laid a foundation for her family to be artists. Born in 1929, she is known in Philippines for her realistic paintings. She even studied fine arts in my school. It was a great story for me. I admire those people who have tireless energy to build glory for their families and for the next generations to come. Probably that is the one that I like about family tree and genealogy.

My bunny came from a family of teachers, from her father who was a former teacher in our school, to her great-great-grand father, who was a maestro cantor. Speaking of my bunny's family, at last! She had just got her uncle Herman's family tree chart on There around 500 members, each with a compelling, unusual stories to tell. From their father of the house, who was born around 1850's, to her nephews and nieces. Somehow it is quite fascinating to know some of people's great ancestors who were honored for their deeds, especially their family.

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