Sunday, January 16, 2011

Things we usually do during our free time.

We went to a local church called San Agustin in Manila last time (the one I told to you before). We are mesmerized with its old beauty, despite that it is now poorly maintained. The Bunny and I were always fascinated with old structures, especially when they are mashed up with other foreign cultures since the church is mixed with Spanish Colonial style and native styles. When the Spanish came in our country a long time ago they brought their culture in here and mixed with the native tastes.

We saw this around 18th century painting of Christ in a dimly lit stone hall (so we need to picture it with flash). According to the Bunny, grotesque paintings like these were made by the natives who had only slight idea about what Christ might look like, as well as the Romans and their costumes. And they only rely on printed book from Europe.

An around 19th century statue of Virgin Mary that is very much look like a Guanyin statue

Waiting for the Carillon to ring in 5 in the afternoon

Spending time appreciating the beauty of the trees and green fields.