Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Wandering Knight

A knight walks under the blue, blue sky. He has traveled over many lands, had lost his horse, and is tired of this long, long walk. But despite this, he, in his shining armor, still wants to finish his ultimate goal. This is a not so recent illustration of mine from my sketchpad. I drew it months ago in watercolor. I want to dedicate this to Alex, who is an old friend of mine. Though sadly, I haven't seen him again since the last time we met about a year ago. I wish him good luck, wherever he is.

Randomly, I placed a dragon and a bird at both sides of the knight. I put them there because I sometimes see Russian icons or Byzantine paintings of portraits,usually mother and child, flanked by figures of angels at their sides.


Anonymous said...

The feeling I always get when I see your work is that the characters have jumped out of a medieval manuscript. Perhaps he is bemused to find himself in the 21st century? Or maybe he is just at the start of his fairytale - a lost and weary knight who stumbles into some magic, or asks the wrong person for directions..?

ruthie said...

A Beautiful dedication to your friend. I agree with kitty, beautifully medieval *ruthie*