Thursday, August 6, 2009

A tour at the Moss and the Tree

Before the middle of the past month, I spent my little spare time walking around my school. In doing this, I found a bit of peace. Searching for palettes in my future illustrations was also the purpose of these walks, so I try saving memories of them.

Roots rising from the ground and starting to conquer the realm of the moss.

Time to sit down on the grass and watch the sun set in the west.

A Narra tree that has roots like a throne, fit for an unknown king of strange creatures.

Moss populating the realm of rocks and water.

When the dark is approaches, it makes the winds cooler, and the sky turns into orange and dark blue. Somehow, this scenery reminds me of departures.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mother's house

I have just completed my mother's family tree, from my generation to my great grand parents. It is my second plate for my advanced illustration class. At last! My awaited time has come! Before I do this plate, a long time ago, I already had several attempts to create mom's family tree. But I always left it unfinished due to perhaps lack of inspiration. You can look it's finished form in my other blog. I hope you like it!