Saturday, June 20, 2009

Forgotten Works

After Rackam's Freya the fair. One of my earliest illustrations I almost forgot.

A Seraphim

" Is that all you can give?"

They had been hiding in my cluttered shelf for years. I was about to clean my things when I discovered them. Somehow, I had the feeling that they are passed on, that I almost forgot them and they started to hide from me.Whatever that strange feeling was, I was happy to see them again that they are still in my shelves and I didn't gave them to my friends or collegues.


Bunnicula said...

Haha! You've really gone a long way. And to think that these were works only two to four years before! I know you can do a whole lot better now.

Deus volt! :)

Anonymous said...

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Candie Bracci said...

I'm fascinating by all three but the second one speaks to me maybe because of the fishes!;)