Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pop-ups for Math

I had a Mathematics 1 subject last semester. Unfortunately, I got an Incomplete grade because I didn't pass our final group exam/project. My group mates didn't remind me about it, so I worked on my own in order to complete my grade.
The project is about myself, my impressions on the subject, my classmates, and my professors.
While I was gathering ideas for my project, I saw a pop-up book in our library while I was browsing. I became interested with it, and wanted my math project to be like it. So I started buying and collecting some materials scattered about our house to start the project. It was a hard task because it was the first time I made a pop-up book. It took me two months to complete it. Today, at last, I was able to pass it to one of my professors.

This is the first page. Actually, I got the pictures from a magazine, which had eerie Victorian illustration of butterflies. They were just later additions. I found out that the collage was good with the pop-up illustrations. I also had a painting of Santa Claus with gold-colored laces as the border. The scroll, which is where I wrote the text for the
first page, was coated with gold-colored acrylic.

This is the second page. I was about to enter to the city of mathematics. It is very confusing, full of bizarre images that I, at the lower left, was standing motionless. I cut pictures from a book about Alchemical images during the 16th century and then I colored it with yellow and gold acrylic.

This is the third page. it is about my classmates, as depict on the pop-up images of bizzare beings. I want to depict them strange enough as what they are in actual. Well, maybe I depict my classmates in astrange appearance because I am not much close to them.

This is the Fourth and last Page. Its about me walking into the city of mathematics guided by my two professors (As you can see at the bottom left was my professors in color blue followed by me in red.).

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