Friday, May 1, 2009

Books about Durer

I was browsing in our school library when I saw a book about Albrecht Durer. It was a good book and it had a page spread with his design for the Triumphal Arch of Maximilian the First of Habsburg (1459-1519). I was stunned when I first saw this work of Durer, because if this arch had been executed, it would have been grandiose. Unfortunately it was never executed.

Depicted within it is the emperor, the patron, in heroic scenes, although I doubt if all of it really happened. Some of the reliefs are the patron's ancestors, their names and titles carved as well. Actually, before, I had a hard time reading books, and I didn't like them. But the squishy bunny, who is a good artist and a book worm, influenced me, and so I started reading books. I realized it was fun.

I am planing to draw the entire family tree of my squishy bunny, back to the fifth generation before her. And when I saw this work, I had an idea about it, and thought I wish I could execute that for her.

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