Friday, May 1, 2009


I like my school, especially when I'm walking in the middle of the school road with acacia trees lined at each side. Acacia trees are creepy. My father told me way back that they were the realm of spirits and beings unseen by humans, like the Kapre, a mythical hairy giant who smokes enormous cigars, and Engkantos. But it is still an interesting tree for me because it is unusually wonderful, spreading a wide canopy of leaves with gaps between each of them that create patches of light on the road.

During our freetime, I usually go somewere, taking pictures of trees for reference in my illustrations. This school is also the setting of my latest story I am writing for the squishy bunny who always walks with me when I'm taking pictures.

There is an old stone stairway on a slope within the school. It's quite fascinating for me its oldness, how it is now filled with moss, grass, and dry leaves.

As i sometimes walk by, I see an old, almost curvy asphalt road, and at its side are myriad of trees in different variety and size. I saw beside the road are old canals filled with moss and small plants. I just remembered when i was a younger, me and my friends used to hide there when we played hide and seek. it was not filthy during that time, and it was quite cool ( but I know it's a little bit disgusting.). Beyond the trees are houses it looks like no one lives in them, which made a little bit creepy, and almost the same scene as in my first story.

We even went to into the part of the school where during evening itis one of the darkest place thee. the lagoon. this is the place were the latest story I'm writing right now will happen, it is the sequel of the first story. The place was filled with trees and silences.

Abandoned structures such as walkways are now filled with grass, dirt started also to creep on them. Maybe this is one of the things i will never forget when I'm about to leave this school.

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