Monday, June 8, 2009

The Fearless Squire

Meet my Bunny's chivalrous squire named Sir Melk, protector of the Bunny, great guardian of her bookshelves, and an adventurer.
He always wanders inside the bunny's room, searching for adventures and fierce enemies. Here is his portrait in front of the cathedral where he held his coronation for his tireless effort to serve her lady bunny.

For the bunny :)

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Bunnicula said...

How very, very dear of the squire... And to think that now he is the land of Don Quixote, not just amongst my shelves. Off to more adventure, now beside the Bunny in a strange, new world of old, old things, taking care that she would not get lost.

And how very, very dear of the Knight to give her a squire...