Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Into the Dollhouse

Miniature houses fascinate me, especially when they are executed in exquisite detail that they look like a normal house, only shrunken. Though finding a craftsman for this art is not so easy as what it seems. In my college, very few people have an interest for this kind of craft, probably because it is rather difficult to create these houses, and takes time and patience. I know so since I made the church facade out of cardboard from scratch. But luckily, I found some of these craftsmen's works, and most of it urges me to create something like that. I'd like to emulate their wonderful works in a small scale. Recently, I saw the blog of Sumaiya Mehreen. Well, I want to show to you some of them.

This is a dollhouse made by Robin Carey and it is entitled Key West island house. I discovered it from the blog created by her fan Sumaiya Mehreen. There, you can see Robin Carey's other beautiful dollhouses. Sumaiya Mehreen is also an artist of little worlds, creating miniature people like this one.


While exploring the world of miniatures of Sumaiya Mehreen, I also encountered this fairy tale like tree house. This unusual dollhouse was created by Christell Jensen. It is a tree house probably the outer layer was made of real wood with barks. And inside, there lived a mouse.


As I go deeper to her blog realm, I saw this very whimsical tree house, although the both tree house both look good to me. It was created by Penny Thomson. What I like about it is that the tree house looks more suited as a model for a house in a fairy tale setting. Jensen builds doll houses that are as whimsical as this tree house. This one below is his too....

I saw some of Penny Thomson's houses, and they are more on medieval houses, except for the tree house, as far as I know.

Well, I'm in a bit of a bust right now, doing my academics for this year, and doing the household chores. I hope I can draw another work for the next few days that is not so academically related and post here.

Pictures courtesy of dollhouseminis.blogspot.com. Thanks Sumaiya Mehreen! :)

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