Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Carving on the wood and the Coming of Age

Last month, the Bunny sent some pictures from Spain. And she took a picture of this grotesque woodcarving of an old woman. Somehow, this carving reminds me of the artist Rima Staines and other unknown medieval craftsmen, all of whom I really admire.


I can feel my younger years starting to abandon me, and my debut is coming on the twelfth and last month of the year. Things have started to change, and the days are getting busier than ever: over making my latest portfolio for my application to I.N.K., academics ( for which, this time, I only spent four days over the enrollment!), and household chores.

The last semester, I left my thesis subject due to financial problems, so I will have another year to catch. But it’s OK for me since the bunny will come back to school next year after her scholarship in Spain, and I have more time to research now for my topic, so that next year things will get easier.


Bunnicula said...

You can do it! *cheer, cheer!!!*

But, to think that you'll be turning a score and a year... and I'll be missing it! *weep, weep* I do want to celebrate your Turning-of-Years with you... T^T

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