Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Purgatory Week

It's Purgatory week (not hell week yet!) and my Asian History exam is approaching. And right now I am busy reviewing my papers about the history of Japan and other Asian regions. So sadly, I will have no post for the several next days... Whew! Wish me luck!

I told you last time about one of my favorite films "Itim" (Rites of May). Luckily, I found a video clip of this on the internet! It is the last part of the movie and it is in Tagalog language. Unfortunately, it doesn't have any subtitles.

Anyway, the scene opens with the protagonist's eerie dream where you can see life size, hyper realistic statues of Christ and/or the Apostles slowly moving towards him. It cuts rights across the entire film and to the next scene about the revelation of the old man's past about his lover which he killed and thrown into the river. The old man was quite stunned to hear the anguished, hysterical voice of his previous lover, now righteously but frighteningly vengeful (the soul possessed the girl, just like in exorcisms) that he wheeled backwards his chair and fell down the stairs.

It was a tragic story, and I was amazed by the eerie air in Mike de Leon's work when they aired it on TV during the Holy week when I was young.

It is getting warmer these days. The sky is burning blue and the sun creates bright yellowish light. It is the same sky as the last year's sky, which inspired the setting of my unfinished story for the bunny.

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Oddyoddyo13 said...

What a haunting clip! The language was beautiful, but I couldn't understand it. Your description helped me understand it though.