Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lubok Prints and the House Cleaning

While exploring the world of internet, as part of research for my next illustrations,I cam pass into this type of artwork known as the Lubok.

I told you about this before when I shared to you some Lubok illustration of a Siren. They are Russian popular prints in the 17th to 18th century. At this left is a example of a 19th century hand drawn Lubokor lukbi of a demon from hell. What's interesting here is that during their time, they are the cheap type of prints made for the masses contrast during that time were the Russian icons with gold leafs and other precious stones. But of course today, they very expensive, though probably because of the oldness and historical importance.

They were created for the lower class to gave them a chance to have an artwork that could display on their houses in an inexpensive way.

I am also became interested with lubok prints with pagan and fantastic themes. example of these is in the left depicting a Baba Yaga, the one who is riding in a wild boar or a pig, arguing with a crocodile which is probably a demon.

Baba Yaga I think is sometimes depicted as a good being, though it is very rare.

Lubok has also prints depicting wars and battles, particularly in the Russo-Japaneses War during 1904 to 1905. This art just also reminded my of the Edo prints in the 19th century Japan. They also produced cheap art prints since massive printing already invented in Japan. So masses-oriented that recently, they discovered an Italian Jar covered with Edo prints.


In Wednesday at 4pm is the official end of my semester, and that is the final exam in my geology class. Though it is very unfortunate to not to attend my friends and classmates' deliberations regarding their thesis defense since i will spend my time studying for the Asian History class. and in the next month, which is April, is their graduation day! I hope I can attend there to see them in their final days in the University. Though it is also a bit sad that I do not join their celebration from the victorious triumph over the past four hardworking, time consuming years.

And during this time, Papa is clearing our small house. The shelves is full of old books and some papers of my siblings. One of these things are my old plates and some papers and clippings. In our garage there are piles and piles of books, carton boxes, papers, and other small things waiting to be sold or gave to the neighbors. Though it is a bit sad to see some of my works are now sold to the junk shop,I understand since our house is a bit small and we should have an at least monthly cleaning and throw away what is not necessary.


I just want you to know that I changed my blog address from to I just cnange it for the consistency of my name. :)

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