Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Handkerchief

" An old lady stole the hanky and placed it on her head as a headpiece.

A mind boggling piece that I did for my writing class. It is meant to be read in two ways. I hope you like it! :) (Painting above by Wiktor Sadowski.)


The Handkerchief

A. The man bought the handkerchief for his fiancé. (go to F )

B. He courted the girl. They fell in love with each other and later married. (go to C )

C. The girl, now a woman, lost the handkerchief in their wedding party near the sea. (go to L )

D. A large fish caught the hanky and swallowed it along with other fish. (go to E )

E. The fish was caught by the fisherman and it was quickly sold into the market. (go to O )

F. He discovered that his girl had another guy, and that was his brother. (go to K )

G. The lonely man’s heart broke apart and he made a new hanky to sell. (go to A).

H. A crow took the handkerchief and placed it on her nest. (go to I )

I. It later fell on the ground when the young grew and left their nest. (go to J )

J. A hunter took the hanky from the ground and he used it to clean his gun. (go to V )

K. From his anger, he threw the handkerchief into the river. (go to U )

L. It was discovered by a dog and took it to her Captain who was never defeated in any battles. (go to X )

M. She organized a cult which she called "Handkerchief Worship." Few days later, her heart stopped beating and she suddenly died .(go to H )

N. Believing it is the hanky that killed their leader, they threw it into the sea before they killed themselves. (go to D )

O. The fishmonger discovered the handkerchief. (go to S )

P. An old lady stole the hanky and placed it on her head as a headpiece. (go to M )

Q. The rich boy saw the girl with her hair tied up with the handkerchief, and her small, white ears lay plain in his view. He wanted to have her. (go to B )

R. The people heard the news about the hanky from a fish. They later on considered it as the "miraculous hanky came from the fish." (go to T )

S. He gave it to his sister who was a Nun.(go to T)

T. The hanky became a relic in a church since it is said to be miraculous. (go to P)

U. A poor girl saw it and used it to tie her untidy hair.(go to Q)

V. She wanted to impress her husband so she cleaned his gun while he was asleep.(go to W )

W. She accidentally shot her husband’s gun on a gas tank when she used the hanky to clean the trigger. (go to Y )

X. When a war between broke out...The Captain was killed and his men used it as a flag to surrender.(go to N)

Y. The whole town was ablaze when the fire spread rapidly. (go to Z )

Z. Morning came and all of the people were dead, the town was in ruins, and the hanky turned to ashes. (go to G)

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