Friday, May 14, 2010

The Trip, the Lake, and the Moon and Venus

Yes, those are my feet, as I was standing at the lake shore (moments before I took a plunge into the water). The other week, my family and I went to the province of Laguna for a two-day vacation at an almost isolated, man-made lake resort called Caliraya, which was located on top of a mountain. And at last! I experienced staying in a place cut off from most noises and electricity; and where, at night, you can only see about 7 or 8 flickering lights from the other side of the lake, and the lights on our side was from our lamp in our cottage, a bonfire, and the stars that are usually barely seen in our well-lit city towns.

And of course, I didn’t miss the opportunity to take a swim in the calm waters of the lake to fight the heat of the sun (and that's our tent in the third picture).


At the other side of the world, the Bunny took these pictures of an amazing model of an old building.

Of course, she takes pictures of old, brownish and umber-ish buildings, and other places which we both like. This the courtyard of the Colegio Fonseca, an actual part of the edifice miniaturized above.

And I would like to leave you for now with this recent photo from a friend of the Moon below Venus. Such a wonderful sight, and I also witnessed it! It is said that it has portents of the coming of something long-awaited for. :)


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Those pictures are so amazing! The lake looked so peaceful...I've always wondered how someone has the patience to build models of buildings like that. Takes a lot of cutting and gluing-and what if you mess it up?! These are very pressing questions ya know. Love the moon-so beautiful.

(And I was able to see your new post on my dashboard! Problem solved. Don't know how though. :))

ruthie said...

beautiful photos