Monday, May 4, 2009

The Legend of Santa Rita

Let me tell you a story about this particular statue of a saint named Saint Rita.

Among the statues I know, in particular religious ones, this is one of the most interesting for me. It is the statue of Saint Rita, who was born in Spoleto, Italy. She entered the convent of Augustinian nuns in Umbria and she is known as the patron of impossible cases.

She is sometimes called "Black Magic Mary" on the place where the statue was, in a place where there are many abandoned churches and undiscovered caves that some others say have become the realm of bad spirits, and that island is called Siquijor. She holds a skull that, according to legend, belonged to a woman’s husband whom she killed for reasons nobody in the island seems to know. She also holds an inverted cross.

The statue, according to others, sometimes walks in the evening, and then returns to the church before sunrise. The local church goers say that they see that she still has dirt on her feet from her walk during the night. Whether it's true or not, it is a good idea for another story.

I wrote a story almost two years ago about a girl can preform miracles, and she can see unusual sightings. That story was for the squishy bunny, and I was inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "Hundred Years of Solitude" and his other masterpiece "Of Love and other Demons". The film "
Itim" by a great director Mike de Leon also inspired my third story.

The picture came from the internet.

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