Friday, May 15, 2009

Rainy May

It's a rainy May, and the sky has a gloomy grey colour. Sometimes, I look at it while going to school, while thinking of random things like what would be the main idea for my latest story. Speaking of which, I've written down some of the ideas that had been stuck in my mind for so long, and I want to use them for my fifth story for my beloved squishy bunny. The story is the sequel of the first story, which I wrote almost five years ago for my friend Alex, and is also the continuation of the fourth story that I'm currently working on. The fourth story serves as the history of the first and fifth stories. It isn't in a novel form, more like a brief record of history, hardly in narrative form. Both of them are unfinished, and I still don't know what will be in the other scenes.

Although I have not started writing the fifth story itself, the main idea and important characters are already drafted in my new sketchpad (the one from the bunny). Like the first story, the characters and the settings are based on real people and real places, as well as on the squishy bunny's experiences.

I am also planning to change my blog's header and footer pictures this month, and my profile picture as well. It is also the third time in my whole life that I'm using watercolour as a medium. Up until now I have been using acrylics mostly. The first time probably was way back in my elementary days, when my teacher taught us how to paint a volcano on illustration board. The second time was when I painted a symbolic illustration for my squishy bunny about a year ago. It was the symbol of the end of our two-week misunderstanding about a personal problem. And of course, the third time is for this header, on watercolour paper.

First things first. I started with a sketch. I put some figures that populate my work.

A man with his child caught in an acacia roots.

Lady of the sun.

And then it's done.

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Bunnicula said...

Those look very familiar, hem hem... :) Good luck with the footer! I hope it would look as fantastic as the header. I know it would. :)

By the way, you might want to look at Gerard David's Our Lady of the Fly (an attributed work, the experts are still unsure of its authenticity). It has the same Netherlandish style as the other Old Masters that you follow. And I think it would be of interest to you since the lady at the lower right corner is said to be Isabella la Catolica, or Ysabel of Leon and Castille, the Catholic Monarch and consort to Ferdinand II of Aragon--knowing that you are curious about Spain to some extent. :)

Very randomly, the two have a very nice back story to them, which I think may have parallelisms about two prominent monarchs in your first story. They have this wonderful motto: Tanto monta, monta tanto, Isabel como Fernando. It means: They amount to the same, or they are equals, Isabelle and Ferdinand. And, I think, that is very very interesting, if coincidental. It seems familiar too. Semper fidelis, semper idem? :)