Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy 115th Philippine Independence!

Happy Independence Day! And here's my poster design for the very special day in my country, The Philippines. This is also for the newspaper Manila Bulletin. Design and layout by The Bunny (one of our major work as of now, I think).

(the image is a bit contrasted so that it may not be too dark for a newspaper print)
The text below reads: 
115th Year of Independence
Title: Freedom
Illustrated by: Jericho T. Moral
The featured illustrator is a member of ANG INK was graduated from the University of the Philippines. As of now, he maintains his traditional way of art.

His site can be found here:

Done in acrylic on watercolor paper. This one is a bit different painting for me compare to my previous works because of its more graphic, solid-lined figures.

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