Monday, August 12, 2013

Salt and Pepper Shaker Chess Set

Hello people! Over the past few weeks I've been working on this relatively big project. Its a chess set! 32 individual pieces made form salt and pepper shakers and McCormick bottles. They are for my first non-academic exhibit by my organization Ang Ink. I passed my application by creating an artwork based on a poem by one of their colleagues, Eugene Evasco, entitled "Sino Ako" (Who Am I?) which I will show to you later.

 The colors of both sides are blue and white, each painted with acrylic on glass. This is actually my first time to paint on glass so it was quite challenging for me on how to stick the paint to the glass. The Bunny and I researched on acrylic on glass, had several trials before we almost perfect it!
Sadly I have a few good photographs of them since I focused much on painting them rather taking pictures of their progress, so please consider this pictures I posted.

Aside from the pieces, I also made them their boards in a cabinet form. It is quite large cabinet, with 25 inches by 53 inches (almost 4 feet tall!).

And there is it! The opening night of the exhibit in a surreal but wonderful place of Cubao X.

A chalk drawing on board by my previous classmate and org-mate Kay.

And there you go, my Chess pieces and its cabinet!

The bunny also bought a chinese lucky charm from this place.

Me and the Bunny had the first time to set foot on this curious and hidden place within the buildings of Metro Manila. There's a lot of antique stores. I will later share this experience to you later.

In the meantime, you can visit a blog about the place here! I think she spent a very good time just like us.

Here's a video of the group exhibit opening by a good friend of mine as well as my college classmate and org mate Teters Enrique. Enjoy! 

My monogram hidden within the cabinet.