Friday, October 25, 2013

Cubao X

As I told you before, we set foot on this magical place within the busy city called Cubao X.

Cubao X, or formerly known as the Marikina Shoe Expo, was originally an exposition of Marikina (my hometown!) shoes which, as you know, the shoe capital of the Philippines in the 1970s (until know I guess). And later on it became a place for antique and relatively-bizarre-things lovers. It almost retains its atmosphere and appearance since it was created.

Our hands became dusty searching interesting things about the place, from a turn-of-the-century friar's coin box and old teacups to an interesting and unusual old toys.

We also discovered an old Russian lacquer box! Though it is in bad condition we didn't hesitate to buy it in a very cheap price! Ever since we discovered the artistry of the Russians in lacquer boxes we want to own one of them.

The paintings tells of a Russian folklore about a prince who struck an arrow to a frog which is going to be his wife and transformed into human. The story is also called the Tsarevna  Frog. You can read the full story here!

One of the things we struck the most was an old Chinese wooden box. The store owner said (who sadly didn't permit us to take a picture of the item) that she also became curious with the box so she bought it from an old house in Manila. She didn't also intent to sell it, and a horror movie also lend the box for a props due to its strangeness and oldness. Until one day she decided to sell it for good. Sadly, though, the box is quite expensive we cannot afford it for now (maybe someday) and the Bunny is a bit afraid of old mirrors, especially when you see the oldness of it through its black spots on its surface (or perhaps due to carelessness of the previous owners-but you can still guess it is quit old!).

As I mentioned in the previous story, lots of people fascinated in this place! You can visit them here, here and here!

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